And we’re back. Hopefully.

The router was reset on March 15th to try and troubleshoot the persistent problems we’re having with it, unfortunately in the process all the port forwarding rules we require dropped off the router.

Due to holidays, easter and various other commitments I wasn’t able to attend until April 7th and while I thought I’d fixed it then I discovered when I got home that I hadn’t – and that one of the changes I thought I’d made hadn’t been saved.

So it’s now April 18th (over a month since James reset the router under advice from BT) and we should now be back online.

I think this is a perfect example of why the DFR VoIP system should never be considered a “production” or “business critical” service – anything which goes wrong and relies on a chap who lives a 40 minute drive away and has a full time job (so isn’t available in business hours) just isn’t going to have a quick turnaround for fixes!