New monitoring

Since we went static IP for our broadband, I can no longer infer the state of the Norchard broadband from the number of times we change IP address per hour (previously every time the broadband connection went down it would come up on a different IP address)

So I’ve put some better monitoring in place, and now tracks our connection to the outside world by pinging the google DNS servers.

Due to the way they’re hosted – the graphs on that page might not be visible on every interenet connection. I’ve got a few ideas about how to change that, but they’ll have to wait for another day as life is somewhat hectic at the moment!

The technology I’m using is pretty basic network monitoring software called smokeping. It’s not my monitoring tool of choice, but it’s easy to install and get going – and for something as simple as monitoring a single internet link it’s pretty good.

The gratifying results of this are that our current broadband looks a lot more stable than the previous broadband!