Raspberry Pi Asterisk Update

We have now deployed a Raspberry Pi running Asterisk and FreePBX at Parkend.
This uses the RaspPBX build to make installation easier.

The Pi is linked via Ethernet to 6 x Grandstream HT802 ATAs. These are dual port ATAs that accept DTMF and Pulse Dialling so can be used with new phones and old heritage phones.
The Pi also connects to some Avaya Desktop SIP phones over the network.
Finally the Pi has an IAX2 trunk to the main Asterisk Server in Norchard which is running over broadband internet.

The Pi is a tiny little thing, but it works very well.
The FreePBX GUI was fine adding extensions. It needed some lower level knowledge to get the IAX2 trunk working.
Calls between local extensions stay local to Parkend (so it all works if the broadband internet is down).
Calls to other extensions are forwarded to Norchard for the Asterisk box there to work out what to do. This means Parkend can call local SIP numbers, Norchard SIP Numbers or any of the Stronger Exchange numbers (routing via Norchard’s Asterisk<->Strowger link)

A PBX that fits in the palm of your hand. Amazing.