CNet – Public Directory

We’re now on CNet and if you are too, then the following numbers are available:

Special Services
+44 (0)594 48000 “About Us” – This number is used as our default outgoing caller-id
+44 (0)594 4801[0..9] 10 audio clips about the Severn Bridge Disaster (Oct 25th 1960)
+44 (0)594 48081 Speaking Clock, voiced by Pat Simmons
+44 (0)594 44911 Paul Seward – BT Merlin Qwertyphone (anytime)
+44 (0)594 44912 Paul Seward – Office ATA (9am-9:30pm)
+44 (0)594 44913 Paul Seward – AT&E 50/7A PAX (9am-9:30pm)

NB: Even though the above numbers may superficially look like PSTN numbers, they’re not! You need to be a member of CNet (or have a DFR VoIP phone at home) to get to them.

They will also be listed in the directory on the CNet website, once I’ve managed to work out why I can’t add numbers to the directory.