Linksys PAP2T

These instructions should work, but haven’t been verified on a real PAP2T. We don’t recommend people buy PAP2T’s any more.

Step 1:
Plug in your PAP2T as outlined in the instruction booklet, connected to your broadband router, and a telephone. Then switch it on.

Step 2:
Turn on the PAP2T and wait until the light next to “Line 1” is lit up. Then dial **** (four asterisks) this should give you the automated voice menu

Step 3:
Dial 110# The PAP2T will then read it’s IP address out to you (eg Write this down!

Step 4:
On your computer, open a web browser (internet explorer, firefox, chrome etc) and type the IP address into the address bar. This should bring up the web interface for the ATA.

Step 5:
Click on the “Admin Logon” button near the top right side of the screen, then click on the “Line 1” tab.

The default Username is “admin” with a Password of “admin”

Step 6:
Scroll down to the “Proxy and Registration” and “Subscriber Information” sections. You only need to modify a few parameters from the default.

They are:

  • Proxy:
  • Display Name: (we provide this by email when you request an account)
  • User ID: (we provide this by email when you request an account)
  • Password: (we provide this by email when you request an account)
  • Dial Plan (optional): xxx

Step 7:
We’ve recently identified that we need to disable call transfer on these ATAs, as in some cases it can cause the Strowger selectors to be held indefinitely.

You can do this by changing the following settings:

  • Three Way Call Service: no
  • Three Way Conference Service: no
  • Attended Transfer Service: no
  • Unattended Transfer Service: no

Click “Save Settings” and you’re all done!

Your ATA should now be configured to work with the DFR Asterisk system.

How to test it
We recommend the following tests, to make sure your ATA is working.

  • Test 1: Try dialling 400 to reach our speaking clock.
  • Test 2: Try dialling 401 which is an echo test number. This should echo your speech back to you so you
    can tell if audio is working in both directions.

If both of those tests are successful you’re good to go!

If either of them fails, check your settings carefully and make a note of the date/time at which the test failed so that we can investigate further.

Changing the admin password
You may want to change the Admin password. To do this, click on System (top menu), you should be able to enter a new admin password.

It may be useful to write the admin password on the bottom of the ATA so you don’t lose it!