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We now have a members-only section of the website, which is only available if you’re a registered user of the DFR Asterisk system.

“Members Only” pages are listed under the Members Only heading in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Currently available pages:

  • Full DFR telephone directory
    Contains all the Strowger, and all the VoIP numbers, including details of all the test numbers, it doesn’t include the concentrator or SPT phones. Also not listed are the museum demo phones.
  • Technical documentation about the Asterisk (coming soon)

If you’d like an account, email and I’ll set you up with a username and a temporary password which you can change once you’re logged in.

One thought on “Members Only

  1. Hi Paul,
    Never knew this existed,
    Would I think be interesting to see what you have and I have in the way of extensions!

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