Service Status

If you’re experiencing intermittent problems with your DFR VoIP connection, you might want to keep an eye on this page to see if our monitoring has noticed any issues.

Dynamic DNS Monitoring:
We’re now on a static IP address for our broadband, so the previous method of monitoring isn’t useful any more.

The following graphs are generated using smokeping, a system which continuously pings from the asterisk box to a server out on the internet (in this case Googles DNS servers, which are pretty much guaranteed to always be up)

These graphs are updated every 30 minutes.

Fault indications:
For full details on how to interpret the graphs above, have a look at the documentation although we’re looking out for the following bad signs:

  • The line should be green at all times, any other colour indicates packet loss (which means we didn’t get replies to our probes)
  • Ping times to google should be under 50mS – if they go higher than that for an extended time that’s bad too.
  • Gaps in the graph indicate problems with the monitoring system itself

Asterisk Peer Monitoring
We peer with a couple of external providers. Currently these peering arrangements aren’t monitored, but they will be as soon as I’ve written the widget that does so!