Asterisk back online – 2016-03-19

I managed to get to site yesterday with Peter, and the asterisk is now back on line and working again.

The fault turned out to be with the BT router at Norchard (again!)

This time it was a new failure mode I haven’t seen before. It had the port forwarding rules configured, but for some reason had decided it didn’t want to actually use them any more.

I took the port forwarding off and put it back again and everything sprung back to life.

We’re definitely back now. Hopefully.

After much head scratching, inconsistent one way audio problems, some routes through the astersisk producing audio some not…  I noticed I’d set the port forwarding on the router for the RTP stream as “TCP” not “UDP”.  Simple slip of the finger, ticked the wrong box on the router interface.

It caused some really weird problems though!

Any audio path which resulted in the asterisk setting up the RTP stream worked, but anything which relied on the VOIP phone initiating the RTP stream ended up with either no audio, or one way audio.  This wasn’t immediately obvious from the pattern of symptoms as reported!

Anyway, I have rectified the error, ticked the right box, and my testing seems to suggest that it’s working now.

I’ll try and fix the next fault a bit quicker, promise!

Saturday work, on-site

Once again, the BT Business Broadband router “forgot” its port-forwarding config on Thursday, which has led to a patchy telephony experience and a lack of remote access.

Unfortunately this needs me to be on-site to fix it, as without the port-forwarding config I have no remote access – so I can’t easily put it back remotely!

With that done I turned my attention to the ATA in the Norchard exchange. I traced the fault to a patch lead in the shop office which had been disturbed. A quick wiggle of the cables and we’re back in business.