DDNS tracking reliability confirmed

I’ve just been looking at the monitoring for our dynamic dns and it looks like the new update script is tracking our IP changes reasonably well.


The top graph shows the state of our DNS entries. When the line is “high” it means everything is working fine, when the line is “low” it means that our DNS name doesn’t resolve to the right IP address because our IP has changed and the DNS hasn’t caught up yet.

The bottom graph shows how many IP addresses the monitoring has seen per-hour. On a healthy broadband connection, that line should be fairly flat. However, the broadband at Norchard is so flaky that the router drops sync several times a day – getting a new IP address in the process.

So you can see, on the left hand side of the red line – we were frequently losing sync with our DDNS provider with the old script in place. With the new script in place we were out of sync for a 1 minute period yesterday, despite experiencing 7 changes of IP address!

Why is the broadband so flaky? As it gets worse in damp or cold weather, I suspect an earth leakage on one leg of the line caused by a damp joint, or a nick in the cable somewhere between Norchard and the exchange.

However I’ve always been told the Norchard broadband isn’t our responsibility – so I’m not best placed to get that looked into.

The “powers that be” seem hell bent on moving away from BT Broadband to Chess (and if I try and get the BT broadband fixed, they’ll moot that as a “cure”) – although that’s not going to improve matters if it’s the line plant which is at fault.

Which I’m fairly certain it is.